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Waxed lunch bag

The Keeper fully waxed lunch bag is an absolute revolution in plastic free products. A labour of love and much development to get the formula absolutely perfect for multiple uses we are very proud of it. 

Tested to be as effective as a plastic wrap or a sealed lunchbox for keeping your sandwich fresh, but in good conscious.

Made from all natural materials: organic cotton, organic beeswax, tree resin, organic coconut oil and plant based ink. 

Our lunch bag is dyed in with an environmentally friendly innovation of whole petals pressed directly onto the natural cotton before the waxing process. 

To use simply make your lunch and pop your sandwich, sushi, crackers, wrap, rolls, croissants, pastries or other baked goods straight in. Fold the bag over to seal itself. You can pop it in a cool bag with an ice brick or simply toss it in your bag, the stiff wax will help to protect your sanga. 

It will become stiffer in the fridge or freezer but this will not affect its efficiency. 

To clean simply dust out the crumbs before next use. Can be rinsed out with cold water or with tepid (slightly warm) but hot water will melt the wax. A little natural detergent and cold water can be used for greasy stains. Make sure to air dry open after washing, before next use. 


GOTS Certified Organic - Packaging made from recycled paper

1 x Waxed Lunch Bag 

We are all keepers of the earth. 

Customer Reviews

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Emi Joannes
Great for kids lunch bag

I was intrigued by the beautiful colors and shapes of real flowers. I love the natural color and the scent of beeswax, which is not found in ready-made fabrics. It is big enough to hold sandwiches, sushi rolls, fruits, and more!