My name is Hugh Dinning. I am 70 years of age and am the founder of THE KEEPER brand.

This journey commenced 13 years ago, when I made a conscious decision to walk away from a business involving clothing made from chemically grown and dyed cottons. The devastation it was causing to the earth was now very apparent to me.

I had to decide to either abandon the industry or find a pure way of continuing with dealing in textiles.

This led me to India, the home of Organic Cotton. Historians trace the first cotton cloth to Pakistan 5000 years ago.

Little did I know that it would take me this long to launch a brand, that included products that could be of great assistance to the earth. And to bring awareness to people, that you can purchase your shopping tools, and use them from the moment you choose your first item in your local food shop, transport them to your destination in a Carry bag, and then place your produce bags into the fridge or pantry where applicable. All your needs are met with our collection of shopping bags.

Along the way, I have been very fortunate to form very strong relationships and friendships with my suppliers in India. It is all based on trust of each other and a collaborated willingness to help bring order back into shopping, and most importantly restoring the earth in the country where we live.

One of the biggest gifts I received on this journey was my deep friendship with Linley Anderson, my greatest helper, who one day said to me, I would like to help you. 3 years later, I can honestly say that The Keeper would not be where it is without her and can only now grow into a company that can be of true service to its customers and our planet.

I look forward to a wonderful journey with all people connected to THE KEEPER.

My best wishes

I have been involved in Marketing and Graphic Design for over 15 years having been exposed to a variety of businesses ranging from large corporates to small importing/distribution businesses. My experience involved many aspects from sales, advertising, organising events and trade shows, to developing packaging design.

Over the 30 years of my working life I witnessed many different styles of business practices that I felt weren’t so healthy, I always had the nagging feeling that “things could be done a lot better – for the good of all”. I had a deep desire and passion to pursue my strongly held belief that ethical business practices are not only possible but are essential to building a successful business.

I love working with “The Keeper” where we truly adhere to our primary principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and respect to all our co-workers, our customers, ourselves and the earth.

My creative talent and focus is to dive deeper into how to bring together the alignment of sustainability, functionality as well as beauty. I believe the pieces we produce in The Keeper range reflect all of this. It is a pleasure to be part of showing you how we can make a difference by utilizing what the earth already gives us - when we learn to be human to each other and with everything around us.

2009 -Logu, Prasad and myself together with a united commitment to open up a manufacturing unit, in an environment of pure natural surroundings and air. For the local underprivileged village people, who need employment in a project that is purposeful.

2011 – Dr Bosco Enriques, his business partner Ms Anne Shankar, his chemist Santos, who creates the formulas of each plant dyed colours and myself. These flourishing banana trees receive their food, from the waste residue from the dying of the Organic cotton yarn.

2011 – The factory where yarn is dyed and the accompanying rice fields and Ayurvedic herbs and flowers are fed by the residue waste from the yarn dying process.

2019 – The Logu Prasad and myself together on the plot of land in Photo 1, where the commitment bared fruit. The manufacturing of recycled organic cotton turned in chemical free paper. This is the only unit in the world producing paper, that has a Global recycled standard certification.

2019 - The members of the company and myself, inspecting a batch of paper

2019 - Discussions walking to a meeting. The coconut trees are fed by the residue from the making of the paper.