To educate people on how to shop and store produce.


Entering the new decade with such impacting changes taking place, it is very timely that we can offer you such valuable knowledge on the most efficient and safe methods of shopping. And, from there, how to store the different types of produce that will keep a longer life for them. You will find it all so simple, affordable and it works.
The decisions we make with our shopping bags are very important, as we all can participate in the renewal of our planet if they are correct. By following our guidelines, you will be set on the right path.
We are all Keepers of the earth, and I am convinced that by a purchase of one of our products it is contributing to the renewal of much decimated soil.
We will provide you with scientific evidence and from our own experience using our products, how important it is to connect to all the resources nature has to offer.

For those who have a bought a product from us, and have been satisfied with it, a review would be a wonderful present for us. For unsure customers, an honest good review is being very kind to them.

The Keeper is not only about the shopping bag, but to use our platform to inform you on what other committed organizations are focusing on that can help us all.
We thank you for supporting The Keeper brand, and we wish you a wonderful journey with us, as we bring in all the new developments that will surface to help us in our daily lives and mother earth.