Our diamond weave material is a revolution in shopping bags. The lightest 100% cotton weave in the world, our bags replace the plastic bag, the nylon and recycled PET bottles bags on the market. Science has proven that the properties in these bags are not only detrimental to the produce held in it, but also to humans.

This diamond weave bag is a very special shape, enabling for easy shopping and a breakthrough in storage. This fabric stretches in both directions allowing plenty of room for your produce. And so soft and gentle to handle. These perfect little bags fit in your tote or handbag.

The bonus is, that you can now store, loose leaf lettuce, spinach, silver beat, green beans, any of the greens that wilt for up to 10 days.

We now finally have a true, chemical free replacement to the plastic bag.


Our range of string bags takes us back to the original shopping bag. So practical, beautiful and natural, its strength and flexibility enables it to hold up to 7 kgs of produce. It is so portable, it can fit in your glove box in the car or even your everyday bag or purse.

Our new natural dyed string bags bring elegance to the string bag. The coloured handle, naturally dyed, adds a quality to this bag, that cannot be felt using chemical dying. The short handle string bag is a great addition, as it is perfect for a smaller purchase, yet it can house large lightweight objects because of its stretch capacity.

Our solid dyed string bags are a great breakthrough for those seeking a coloured string bag. All chemical dyed string bags leak chemicals into your produce, however being naturally dyed, the colour has uniqueness that cannot be matched in chemical dying.


This organic cotton, plant dyed drawstring satchel is perfect for shopping. 35 cm wide x 42 cm high allowing for plenty of storage room. Dual purpose, it can be used as a backpack or carry bag. External zipper for your personal use. Interior pocket for the keys. Again, being chemical free, you can be sure that your produce is protected from any artificial fabric or dye stuff, which can contaminate your produce.


Our Jute/Organic cotton tote bag has been welcomed by those who have bought it from our pop up stalls and markets. Perfect size, with 6 compartments that can house your olive oil, eggs, celery, and soft veggies such as tomatoes with full protection, plus plenty of room left in the remainder of the bag.

The unique combination of Jute and Organic Cotton gives the bag strength, stability and an appearance that is appealing to both men and women.