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  • Dazzling Diamond - Eco Gift Pack - The Keeper
  • Dazzling Diamond - Eco Gift Pack - The Keeper
  • Dazzling Diamond - Eco Gift Pack - The Keeper
  • Dazzling Diamond - Eco Gift Pack - The Keeper
  • Dazzling Diamond - Eco Gift Pack - The Keeper
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The Keeper

Dazzling Diamond - Eco Gift Pack

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This is a pack of beautifully and artfully made certified organic cotton shopping bags. Perfect for your weekly fruit and veggie shopping and many bulk foods as well.

Shop, store and keep your produce fresh in good conscious.



Diamond Light Carry Bags, Set of 3

    30cm x 50cm - suitable for up to 2kg

Two Diamond Drawstring 3 packs

    6 voile backed drawstring bags in total 

    A mix of natural and eco-dyed

    suitable for up to 2.5kg each

Diamond Drawstring 4 pack

    2x small (size 13 x 16cm)

    1x medium (size 16 x 26cm)

    1x large (size 26 x 36cm)


You have two packaging options:

1) Gift Boxed in a plastic-free clear lidded box with tissue paper. It will come so you cannot see what is inside, the perfect eco-wraped gift ready to give. 

2) In Mesh comes packed in a free mesh bag. Less waste and a freebee. 

All eco-gift packs are posted to you in a home compostable postage satchel. We use Monta compostable clear packing tape and our tissue paper and stickers are from noissue, printed with soy based inks. 


A bit about our Diamond Weave

Our diamond weave material is a revolution. The lightest 100% cotton weave in the world, our bags replace plastic bags and also the nylon and recycled PET bottles bags on the market. Science has proven that the properties in these bags are not only detrimental to the produce held in it, but also to humans.

Being so lightweight these pretty little bags fit in your tote or handbag but are big enough for serious shopping. Due to the unique Diamond weave, they are stretchy and strong, just like you after a serious yoga session. 

Keeping greens fresh for longer

Our Diamond weave bags were designed to be light, the bonus is, you can now store loose-leaf lettuce, spinach, silverbeet, green beans, any of the greens that wilt, for up to 10 days using our Diamond weave bags.

Simply wash leafy produce in the bag, shake and store damp in the fridge. The bag will allow your leaves to breathe and keep them fresh and alive.


Different Cuts of Diamond

The first set of 4 Diamond Drawstring bags comes in 4 assorted sizes, allowing you to buy and then store many different sizes of produce. All are made from our unique stretchy diamond weave fabric that is both flexible and strong. 

Our natural and naturally dyed drawstring bag three packs combine our unique diamond weave with a light voile backing fabric. This gives them a lovely two tone effect which is pretty and practical. 

The ultra-light Diamond Carry bags are the lightest tote you will ever handle. These are really great for stocking up on apples, oranges, loose leaf greens or any bulky items. 

Diamond Bags don't love spikey produce like pineapples but they are great for anything else. Even in the bulk section you can use them for most whole grains, seeds, nuts and of course our favourite: bulk buy chocolate.  


Our products are packaged in unique and truly sustainable 'recycled cotton' paper or recycled card.

All The Keeper products are GOTS Certified Organic and ethically and sustainably made in India.



We are all keepers of the earth.

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