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DIAMOND CARRY BAG 3 PACK - Old Style Packaging

We have updated our packaging style and so some stock in older style packaging is on special. Still 100% GOTS organic and still the same quality. 

Our diamond weave material is a revolutionary weave of organic cotton. The lightest 100% cotton weave in the world, our diamond bags replace single use plastic or paper bags and also nylon or recycled PET bags on the market. The chemical properties of cheaply made plastic bags are not only detrimental to the fresh produce held in it, but also to your health and have a long term impact on the earth.

The Keepers unique diamond weave fabric stretches in both directions, allowing plenty of room for your produce and yet the fold or scrunch into a compact size. Soft and gentle to handle with a stretchy carry handle. These perfect little bags fit in your tote or handbag.

The bonus is that you can store loose leaf lettuce, spinach, silver beet, green beans or any of the greens that wilt for up to 10 days. It is a simple exercise as you can see in the images below.

Wash your greens in the bag

Drain or allow to drip dry

Store in the damp bag in the fridge

This process will allow your leafy greens to be refreshed with a cool drink then breath and stay fresh in the damp organic cotton bag. 


This set of diamond bags make a wonderful gift as a set or can be used as eco gift bags on their own. 

100% GOTS Certified organic cotton.

Comes as a pack of 3: 

  • 3 x Diamond Weave Carry Bags 30 x 50cm
  • Holds up to 3 kilos of produce


We are all keepers of the earth. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A must have!!

These bags that roll up to a tiny ball carry so much. Buy two packs. Give them to friends. They will love them!

My go to bag at grocer and market

Love the stretchiness


Absolutely love them. Have one n my handbag all the time - takes up absolute no room and each day that I shop I have this incredible bag handy. Fantastic!

Fabulous bag

Keep ordering more of theses bags as all my friends see me with mine and want one asap

Diamond light carry bag

These bags are fantastic