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The Keeper

Face the Day - Eco Gift Pack

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Reusable face wipes shaped like hearts? Yes please! You'll be ready to face the day with our set of re-usable and handmade face wipes and cloths.

The larger heart cloths are perfect as a face washer or a small sweat towel for yoga or other sports.

All bundled in our plant dyed satchel, you are ready to travel where you need, always looking fresh and fabulous. 

Whats Included

Plant Dyed Drawstring Satchel
35 x 42cm 

Heart Wipe 5 pack 
34 x 38cm

Hearth Cloth 2 pack
30 x 50cm



1) Gift Boxed in a plastic-free clear lidded box with tissue paper. It will come so you cannot see what is inside, the perfect eco-wrapped gift ready to give. 

2) In String comes packed in a Keeper bag. Less waste and a little freebee. 

More Details

Plant Dyed Satchel:

Our beautiful organic cotton, two-tone, plant dyed drawstring satchel is a perfect bag for shopping and all kinds of recreation. It can be used as a backpack or carry bag with its versatile handles. The adjustable straps are part of the drawstring in this unique design.

With an external brass zipper pocket, and interior pocket for valuables, it is stylish and practical and 100% plastic free. 


Heart Wipes:

You'll be delighted with these beautiful and completely natural heart shaped cloths. They make a fabulous face cloth or can be used as a mini towel at yoga, the beach or wherever your heart takes you.

Being pure organic cotton they are soft on your skin while the hand woven texture creates a gentle exfoliation.

If you are looking for a beautiful companion in the kitchen they also work as quick drying dish washing cloths or a place to set your breakfast bowl.

Made with love and by hand there will be slight natural variations. Enjoy with an open heart.


Heart Cloths:

These beautiful little hand woven face wipes have just enough texture to easily remove make up and to gently exfoliate. Use a little coconut oil as a make up remover when using as a make up remover. They can also be used as a mini face cloth with natural soaps or on their own. 

Once you have used all 5 wipes pop them in the bag to wash on a cold cycle in the washing machine or wash individually by hand.

You can also use the mesh bag as a soap bag. Simply pop your solid soap bar into the bag and use it in the bag. This allows for a gentle exfoliation and your soap will dry quickly in the bag if you hang it up after each use. No more wasted soap ends.

More Info on Different Weaves

We have three main weaves in the Keeper range of produce bags plus our unique Jute-Cotton weave and some other specialty weaves.

For more information on our different weaves see our info page.

Diamond Weave: Diamond is our signature style of organic cotton weave and unique to The Keeper. Lighter than mesh or muslin yet stretchy and strong, just like you after a few serious yoga sessions! 

Mesh Weave: Mesh is a traditional weave for produce bags. The large, loose weave allows visability and lots of air flow.

Muslin Weave: Another traditional weave, muslin is one of the oldest weaves. This tight, dense weave is perfect for root veggies or bulk foods.

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