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  • I just want it all - Eco Gift Pack - The Keeper
  • I just want it all - Eco Gift Pack - The Keeper
  • I just want it all - Eco Gift Pack - The Keeper
  • I just want it all - Eco Gift Pack - The Keeper
  • I just want it all - Eco Gift Pack - The Keeper
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The Keeper

I just want it all - Eco Gift Pack

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This pack has absolutely everything you need for shopping for, or with, the whole family. Send the kids around with their own lightweight mini string bags to choose their favourite fruits and veggies while you do the serious shopping.

What you get in the I WANT IT ALL ECO GIFT-PACK

1 Eddie Tote with 6 pockets

1 Satchel Rock Salt

1 String Bag Natural

3 Mini String Bags

1 x Waxed Bread Bag Large

Mushroom Bag Pack
1 x Waxed Collar Mushroom Bag (for storing mushrooms)
1 x Ultralight Diamond Weave Bag (for purchasing mushrooms)

Diamond Mixed 8 Pack
2x small Diamond drawstring bags
1x medium Diamond drawstring bag
1x large Diamond drawstring bag
3x Diamond carry bags
1 nut-milk bag

Mixed Muslin Pack 3 Pack
3x Muslin Bags - 1 each Small, Medium and Large

Mixed Mesh Pack 3 Pack
3x Mesh - 1 each Small, Medium and Large


You have two packaging options:

1) Gift Boxed in a plastic-free clear lidded box with tissue paper. It will come so you cannot see what is inside, the perfect eco-wraped gift ready to give. 

2) In Mesh comes packed in a free mesh bag. Less waste and a freebee. 

All eco-gift packs are posted to you in a home compostable postage satchel. We use Monta compostable clear packing tape and our tissue paper and stickers are from noissue, printed with soy based inks. 

The Eddie Tote Bag - a marvel

Our Eddie Tote is a true marvel and once you have one, or more, you will wonder how you shopped without it. Our unique heavy weight natural jute fibre and organic cotton blend fabric is strong, stable and has a lustrous appearance. It has been built large and strong and with 6 inbuilt compartments to keep bottles upright, safely stash cartons of eggs or stash your wallet. 

String Bags - in all their forms

Our Classic String bag takes you back to the original shopping bag. It is practical, beautiful, and natural. It's stretchy weave and flexibility enables it to hold up to 7 kilos of produce. Yet, it is so portable it can fit into your glove box in the car.

Our Mini String bags are soft and light but capable of carrying up to 1 kilo of produce. The perfect sized shoulder, or hand held, shopping bag for children to join in the shopping or to carry beloved treasures. Not suitable for anything with spiky ends like pineapples but it does make the perfect front-carry doll's papoose. *too cute*

Waxed Bread & Mushroom Bags - function and form

The Keeper's functional waxed bag range has been a labour of love and much development.

Take our fully waxed Bread Bag along to the baker to buy your bread or baked goods in. Fold the bag over to seal itself as the waxed fabric will self seal when pressed firmly in a fold. You can store your bread in the bag on the counter top, in a bread bin, in the fridge or even the freezer (whole or sliced).

Our waxed collar Mushroom Bag has been specifically developed to keep your mushrooms in better condition than a plastic or paper bag. We have included a second ultra light diamond weave bag to buy your mushrooms in. Plastic bags are notoriously bad for mushroom sweats and their environmental impact. While a single use paper bag is convenient, it still adds to landfill and general waste, especially if you are a serious mushroom fiend. 

Don't fret however if you don't love mushrooms as much as we do! The waxed collar of the mushroom bag can be used to protect other delicates like asparagus or broccoli. Lay the bag on it side, slip in your fragile greens and fold the bag a few times to allow a protective collar around the tips. 

Diamond, Mesh and Muslin - the essentials

The Diamond 8 pack not only includes a variety of our most popular Diamond Weave bags but also our tried and tested Nut Milk bag.

Our Diamond Weave bags are unique in their strength and flexibility. We use an ancient weaving method for these sturdy yet beautiful bags which makes them soft to touch yet tough. In our 8 pack you will get Diamond carry bags, assorted drawstring bags and as mentioned a poplin nut milk bag. 

The Keeper Nut Milk Bag has been extensively tested to outperform its polyester and plastic cousins. Made from fine but very tightly woven organic cotton it is the perfect shape to wrap over a funnel and the drawstring can be used to tighten and hold it in place. 

Both Mesh and Muslin are great for a variety of fruit and veggies. The Muslin in particular are great in the bulk food section for finer products like flours, seeds, nut meals and other bulk products. While mesh is great for those of us who may be a bit forgetful of what is stored deep it the recesses of the fridge or pantry and you can hang produce like sweet potato, avocados and delicately skinned summer fruits in plain view in a mesh bag. 

Our products are packaged in unique and truly sustainable 'recycled cotton' paper or recycled card.

All The Keeper products are GOTS Certified Organic and ethically and sustainably made in India.



We are all keepers of the earth.

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