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  • On the go - Eco Gift Pack - The Keeper
  • On the go - Eco Gift Pack - The Keeper
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The Keeper

On the go - Eco Gift Pack

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Are you a traveler, local shopper or just love to be out and about? This is the pack for active people who like to live and shop on the go.

A mixed pack specifically designed for loading everything into our satchel-backpack and biking around or shopping local. Equally this is the pack for the traveler or corporate ecopreneur who wants to be more sustainable in their choices. 

The Satchel and String Bags both hold a lot of shopping or study supplies while a mix of weaves and sizes of bags are great for shopping for a variety of produce and bulk foods. The inclusion of the lunch bag means you can pack a cut lunch in eco style and save on take out when you are out and about. 

Whats Included

Plant Dyed Drawstring Satchel
35 x 42cm - for as much as you can fit and carry

Plant Dyed String Bag - Short Handle 
34 x 38cm

Diamond Carry Bag 3 pack
30 x 50cm

Kids Mini String 3 pack
25 x 30cm

Waxed Lunch Bag
16 x 24cm - with gusset 

Diamond Drawstring 4 pack
2x small (size 13 x 16cm)
1x medium (size 16 x 26cm)
1x large (size 26 x 36cm)

Muslin Mixed Drawstring 3 pack
Small: 24 x 24cm
Medium: 37 x 37cm
Large: 37 x 47cmcm


You have two packaging options:

1) Gift Boxed in a plastic-free clear lidded box with tissue paper. It will come so you cannot see what is inside, the perfect eco-wrapped gift ready to give. 

2) In String comes packed in a Keeper bag. Less waste and a freebee. 

More Details

Plant Dyed Satchel:

Our beautiful organic cotton, two-tone, plant dyed drawstring Satchel is a perfect bag for shopping and all kinds of recreation. It can be used as a backpack or carry bag with it's versatile handles. The adjustable straps are part of the drawstring in this unique design.

With an external brass zipper pocket, and interior pocket for valuables, it is stylish and practical and 100% plastic free. 


Plant Dyed String Bag:

The string bag takes us back to the original and most classical shopping bag. So practical, beautiful and natural. Its flexibility makes it perfect for small or large purchases. The unique stretch of our string bag enables it to hold up to 7 kgs of produce. Yet it is lightweight and portable - it can fit into your glove box in the car.



Diamond Bags:

We've changed the game with our revolutionary organic cotton Diamond weave. Diamond is the lightest 100% cotton weave on the planet and it is exclusive to The Keeper. 

Designed to replace single-use plastic bags, these bags roll up small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag. But when unrolled the fabric stretches in both directions so it can hold a few kilos of your favourite fruits, veggies, toys or anything else you need to carry.

This pack includes a mix of sizes and styles of Diamond Weave bags. Our Carry Bags are great for larger quantities of items, particularly leafy greens. While our Diamond Drawstring are fantastic for all manner of produce or bulk foods like beans, chocolate, nuts and seeds. 


Nut Milk Bag

Our nut milk bag has been carefully designed to filter not only home made nut, rice or oat milks but also can be used to make other nourishing foods. Can be used to thicken kefir or yoghurt, make cheese, filter kombucha and broth or steam a pudding.

The tight weave of this bag is also great for buying and storing fine flours and bulk foods as well. 

Mini String Bags

Our Mini String bags are soft and light but capable of carrying up to a kilo of produce. They are named as Kids bags because of their soft nature, but they are great for buying, washing and storing leafy greens or for other produce like apples, carrots and stone fruit. Get the kids helping with the shopping by choosing their own fruit for lunches.  Not suitable for anything with spiky ends. 


Muslin bags complete this pack so you have everything you need for a variety of fruit, vegetables and bulk foods. Muslin bags can be used to buy and store flours, nuts, seeds and meals.


Waxed Lunch Bag:

The Keeper fully waxed lunch bag is an absolute revolution in plastic free products. A labour of love and much development to get the formula absolutely perfect for multiple uses we are very proud of it. 

Tested to be as effective as a plastic wrap or a sealed lunchbox for keeping your sandwich fresh, but in good conscious.

Made from all natural materials: organic cotton, organic beeswax, tree resin, organic coconut oil and plant based ink. 


More Info on Different Weaves

We have three main weaves in the Keeper range of produce bags plus our unique Jute-Cotton weave and some other specialty weaves.

For more information on our different weaves see our info page.

Diamond Weave: Diamond is our signature style of organic cotton weave and unique to The Keeper. Lighter than mesh or muslin yet stretchy and strong, just like you after a few serious yoga sessions! 

Mesh Weave: Mesh is a traditional weave for produce bags. The large, loose weave allows visability and lots of air flow.

Muslin Weave: Another traditional weave, muslin is one of the oldest weaves. This tight, dense weave is perfect for root veggies or bulk foods.

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