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The Wax On Wax Off - Eco Gift Pack

The Keeper waxed products are a brand NEW product line. We have been developing not just waxed fabric wraps but also functional bags made from waxed fabric. This pack has a selection of all our new products.

Our waxed bread, lunch and mushroom bags are an absolute revolution in plastic free products. A labour of love and much development to get the formula absolutely perfect, we are very proud of this little family.


What you get in the WAX ON WAX OFF ECO GIFT PACK

1 x Waxed Bread Bag, large
1 x Waxed Lunch Bag
2 Pack Mushroom Waxed bag and Diamond bag
4 pack Waxed Round Wraps (small, medium, large, extra large)


You have two packaging options:

1) Gift Boxed in a plastic-free clear lidded box with tissue paper. It will come so you cannot see what is inside, the perfect eco-wrapped gift ready to give. 

2) In Mesh comes packed in a free mesh bag. Less waste and a freebee. 

All eco-gift packs are posted to you in a home compostable postage satchel. We use Monta compostable clear packing tape and our tissue paper and stickers are from noissue, printed with soy based inks. 

Mushroom Bag Set

The Mushroom bag has been tested to be as effective as a paper bag for keeping your mushrooms fresh, but in good conscious. Knowing that mushrooms are expensive by weight we have included a second ultra light diamond weave bag for purchasing mushroom.

Shop with the Diamond bag and then either tip your mushies into your waxed bag and seal when you get home or pop the whole diamond bag inside. Fold over the waxed collar to seal the bag.

Lunch Bag

Our lunch bag is just that, the perfect bag to pop your sandwich, sushi, wrap, crackers or roll into. Fold over and pop in a cool bag or straight into your bag. The stiff waxed fabric will protect your sandwich from light squashing. Can also be used in the fridge/freezer as an alternative to a plastic ziplock bag.

Bread Bag

The Bread bag was developed to be multi-purpose. Take it with you to the baker or shops and skip the plastic or paper bag. Pop your bread or baked goods into your Keeper bread bag, fold over to seal and store on the bench, in the fridge or freezer. Can also be used in the fridge/freezer as an alternative to a plastic ziplock bag.

Round Wraps

Our round Waxed Wraps are perfect for using on bowls of various sizes or to seal the end of cut fruit and vegetables like pineapple, pumpkin or melons. Using a natural rubber band to hold them in place is a great eco-trick.

They also work great on jars of sourdough starter, allowing just enough air to reach your starter but not dry it out. 

To clean our waxed products either dust off crumbs, rinse with cold water or use a little natural detergent for greasy stains. Hot water and too much soap will remove the wax coating. Dry open before next use.

Our bags are dyed with crushed seed and plant extracts made into a dye and screed printed onto the natural cotton before the waxing process or printed directly with fresh petals before waxing.


Our products are packaged in unique and truly sustainable 'recycled cotton' paper or recycled card.

All The Keeper products are GOTS Certified Organic and ethically and sustainably made in India.

We are all keepers of the earth.

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