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  • KoKeBee Wax Sheet DIY Kit - The Keeper
  • KoKeBee Wax Sheet DIY Kit - The Keeper
  • KoKeBee Wax Sheet DIY Kit - The Keeper
  • KoKeBee Wax Sheet DIY Kit - The Keeper
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The Keeper

KoKeBee Wax Sheet DIY Kit

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We're so excited to collaborate with KoKeBee to bring you this unique gift or DIY.

This is a special kit to make your own wax wraps at home. You will receive:

A 50 grams of Pre-blended Beeswax Sheets (5-7 sheets)
The DIY Instructions

It is not very mouldable or useful when you make the beeswax wrap with only beeswax so KoKeBee’s organic beeswax is pre-blended with organic coconut oil and natural tree resin so that it is flexible and sticky.

You supply your own fabric and you are ready to make as many wraps in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Each sheet will make a 15cm square wrap, with some leftover. So you should have enough to make a number of wraps of various sizes. 

This is the golden recipe which was developed after many trials, all you have to do is melt the pre-blended wax sheet into your fabric. The perfect activity to do with kids. 

※ A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Save the bees Australia 


What is a Wax Wrap

Simply put, it's a reusable product that replaces your use of plastic wrap or cling wrap and reduces your plastic use. Made by infusing fabric with beeswax, various oils and resin, it should have a tacky feel which allows it it stick to itself or onto bowls and other containers.

The quality and usability of a wax wrap is greatly determined by the formulation of the wax blend used. KoKeBee have done many trials to perfect their blend.

The antibacterial properties of beeswax and coconut oil helps keep food fresh and means you can use the wax wraps over and over again. Most importantly, it reduces waste, so is good for our planet.


Care Instructions

  • Please rinse gently with cold or lukewarm water after use, and let them dry naturally
  • Keep away from heat sources (including hot water)
  • Do not use in the microwave
  • Not ideal to wrap raw fish, raw meat or any greasy foods directly as it cannot be rinsed with hot water
  • If your beeswax wraps are looking a little worn out/creased, you can refresh your beeswax wrap by putting in the oven. Place a cooking sheet below and heat up the oven to 100 degrees, leave it for a few minutes to melt the beeswax. This will extend the useful life of the beeswax wraps. 
  • If you feel that the wax has washed or worn off over time you can buy a wax only pack and add a small amount of fresh wax sheet when you warm it in the oven. You would need about ¼ of a sheet per wrap depending on wear. 
  • Please gently rinse it through before using for the first time. There is a unique scent of beeswax, but it will fade as you use it



More Info on Different Weaves

We have three main weaves in the Keeper range of produce bags plus our unique Jute-Cotton weave and some other specialty weaves.

For more information on our different weaves see our info page.

Diamond Weave: Diamond is our signature style of organic cotton weave and unique to The Keeper. Lighter than mesh or muslin yet stretchy and strong, just like you after a few serious yoga sessions! 

Mesh Weave: Mesh is a traditional weave for produce bags. The large, loose weave allows visability and lots of air flow.

Muslin Weave: Another traditional weave, muslin is one of the oldest weaves. This tight, dense weave is perfect for root veggies or bulk foods.

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