10 Best Eco-Friendly Products to Use at Home in 2022

10 Best Eco-Friendly Products to Use at Home in 2022

It’s never been easier to ditch the single use plastics, non-recyclables and nasty chemicals when it comes to stocking up around the house. We’ve listed here the 10 best eco-friendly products to use at home in 2022. There’s everything from phone cases to cutlery sets, and of course some Keeper goodies too.

  • Eco-Friendly Loofah
  • Loofahs are practically a big ball of plastic netting, and they spell disaster for our sea life once they’re discarded. Replacing your old loofah with an eco-friendly version like this one is not only great for the environment, but great for your body too! The loofah is made of 100% cotton / hessian scrim and is a great replacement option.


  • Plastic Free Razor
  • Razors are probably one of the more forgotten plastics when it comes to things we use around the house, but think of how many we go through in a year, and think of where the old ones likely end up. These environmentally friendly razors are made from high-quality, durable chrome, with a single, double-edged razor blade secured into the device.

  • Eco-Friendly Oven Cleaner
  •  Oven cleaner is one nasty chemical, not to mention the plastic spray bottles they come in. This eco-friendly alternative is the perfect replacement. Made from 100% plant and mineral derived ingredients, it’s safe for your home and any little ones who might have a habit of getting into the cleaning supplies.

  • Biodegradable Phone Case
  •  Yes, a biodegradable phone case! This phone case is made from natural wheat straw and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It’s even shipped in non-plastic recyclable packaging, what a win! This would make a great gift for your eco-conscious friends too.

  • Portable Cutlery Set 
  • Portable cutlery is super handy to have and even more handy with a self cleaning kit in toe! From camping trips, picnics with friends, or even lunches at work, the last thing we want to do is take plastic spoons and forks and have them end up in landfill.

  • Plastic Free Deodorant
  • Smell fresh and save the planet! These little deodorants are aluminum-free and made of 100% organic ingredients. The packaging is also 100% plastic-free! This is a great alternative to the deodorants we’re used to.

  • Plastic Free Shampoo
  • Have you ever seen shampoo look this fun? These little bars are SLS free, friendly for all hair types, vegan, and plastic free. That’s a lot of bang for your buck! They are also super handy for traveling, no more bulky packaging or going over the allocated liquid allowance on airplanes!

  • Biodegradable Plant Pots
  • These biodegradable seedling starter trays are made of recycled pulp, making them the perfect replacement for plastic pots. Get the kids involved in planting a little herb garden or other seedlings and know you’re not adding more plastics into our earth.

  • Cork Apron
  • Every foodie needs this apron! It’s handcrafted from sustainably sourced cork, making it the vegan alternative to traditional leather. Cork is naturally waterproof, antimicrobial, durable and lightweight, so this is the perfect apron for those who love to cook.

  • Anything from The Keeper!
  • You knew it was coming! Here at the keeper, we are friends of the earth. That means all of our products are eco-friendly, sustainable and long lasting. Whether you need a carry bag for your food shop or food storage solutions, we’ve got you covered.

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