Waxed Bags


Mushroom Bag

Designed to keep all kinds of lovely mushies fresher for longer, our Keeper Mushroom Bag is made from organic muslin with a waxed top collar to fold over and securely seal the bag. . Keeping in just enough moisture but letting them breath. It comes with a second fine voile bag to buy your shrooms in.


Bread Bag

A one of a kind fully waxed bag designed to keep bread and baked goods fresh without plastic. The wax infused organic cotton stops your bread drying out, as in paper, or sweating in plastic. This will help keep the bread fresh for longer. Take it to the bakery to buy and store your bread - on bench, fridge or freezer. Also a great freezer bag! 


Lunch Bag

A mini version of our waxed bread bag pressed with real petals. The wax infused organic cotton seals itself like a wax wrap but being a bag makes it so much more convenient to use daily. Great for adults or kids with it's easy usability. Perfect for picnics or corporate lunches. Use as a freezer bag instead of plastic zip-locks