How did The Keeper come to be a ".earth" domain and what does it really mean. 

It's all in the name, and our official name is 'The Keeper, it is all about the earth', so it should have come as a natural fit. But rather, like most marvelous things it was just a little accidental and a little too coincidental. 


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We were fortunate to be interviewed by Voices.Earth for one of their podcast series. Voices.Earth is a platform celebrating businesses with .earth domain through connecting and establishing cooperative relationships between individuals and organisations that wish to show their support for making the Earth a better place.

From urbanisation to natural disasters to global conflict over resources to astounding population growth, we face very significant challenges in transforming global change into action.

This effort could ultimately change the world for the better.


Each year an estimated 500billion to 1trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. Plastic bags have even been found floating north of the Arctic Circle near Spitzbergen, and as far south as the Falkland Islands.

While there has been legislation aimed at banning single-use plastic bags, it has not been enough to address this environmental issue. For example, supermarkets put an estimated 903,000 tons of plastic packaging into the market in 2018, an increase of 17,000 tons from 2017.

Thankfully, TheKeeper.Earth is helping to address this challenge with its full line of practical, elegant and durable sustainable shopping and storage bags. The company uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, organic plant dying and printing and 100% organic cotton paper for their packaging. The end result is a completely chemical free, reusable bag that is safe for transporting produce and other foods.

"I found the domain by pure chance", said Hugh. ".com, .net and .au domains were unavailable and when we came upon .Earth, I thought 'my goodness, we have to have it'....it's a perfect marriage"

Following are highlights from this interview:

  • More about Hugh's background as an entrepreneur (1:22)
  • Insights into the inspiration behind TheKeeper.Earth (15:12)
  • More about the full line os sustainable bags, and their consumer benefits (17:37)
  • How TheKeeper.Earth works with its manufacturing partner (22:44)
  • Insights into the traction that TheKeeper.Earth has achieved to date (28:24)
  • Why they chose to use a .Earth domain (26:57)
  • What the future holds for TheKeeper.Earth (31:10)