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Custom Orders

The answer is yes!

Yes we do custom orders. 

Yes we can do almost anything you can think of. 

Yes it does depend on quantities, but this will affect price more than possibility. 

So if you have something you want us to manufacture for you just get in touch for own branding, limited edition and more. 

Are you looking to have your own range of house brand organic cotton products. Either based on our range or something unique. Or are you wanting to create a one off promotional product for your brand, event or charity? 


Email Lara, Hugh and Kathryn at info@thekeeper.earth


Our Team of Keepers - Lara, Hugh & Kathryn


New Customers - for Keeper Branded products

For new customers wanting to order for their brick and mortar or online store contact Kathryn 



Marketing - for Keeper Branded products

For media packs, collaborations and competitions contact Lara



Some examples of custom orders we can do.

These are a range of different styles and weights of GOTS dyed bags in organic cotton. We can brand them with your logo on the herringbone ribbon handle or print on them with any design you can imagine.

This is just the tip of the possibilities, you'd be surprised who's house brands we manufacture because we form a relationship of trust and creativity.

We can base products on our existing range or create something completely unique just for you. We have access to many unique weaving methods no longer used by larger scale factories. 

Promotional Totes in multiple colours Promotional Totes in multiple colours gusseted natural tote bag