Nut Milk Bags


The Keeper Nut Milk bag has been designed to make the most amazing plant based milks a breeze. Can be used for nut milk, oat, rice or soy. It can also be used for making cheese or straining kefir, broth kombucha or other home made goodies.

To make fresh nut milk:

Activate your Nuts

Soak ½ cup raw almonds or other nuts in 1 cup of water overnight. Roasted nuts won't activate but they will soften.


Drain your soaked nuts and place in a blender with 2 cups of fresh water. Add a pinch of salt and sweetener (optional). Blend for 1-2 minutes until smooth, scraping down as needed.


Place your Keeper Nut Milk bag in a glass, bowl or jar and pour your blended mixture into it. Squeeze the bag until you have extracted all of the milk and the sodilds are dry. Makes 500ml. Store your fresh nut milk in the fridge in a sealed jar or bottle and use within 3-5 days.

We love a roasted almond & oat milk, but you can use any combo of nuts, seeds or grains. Scale up the recipe for a larger batch.