String Bags

The Keeper String bags are a true classic. In fact it is one of the oldest styles of bag with strong roots in many nations. Such as the Aussie Dilly Bag. Our favorite name is the Russian "perhaps bag" because there is always a perhaps purchase to be found - this is the bag for those perhapses.

We also have the Kids Mini String Bags, which are a softer and more delicate weave, appealing to kids sense of touch. 

Our natural dyed string bags bring a touch of elegance to the string bag. We only use natural plant based dyes, which adds a quality to this bag that cannot be felt using chemical dying. The short handle string bag is for those wanting to carry by the handles. While the long handle string bag can be carried thusly by longer legged shoppers or over the shoulder. 

String Bags are best for buying and storing:
  • Bulky and heavy fruits and veggies like apples, oranges, potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potato or other root veggies.
  • Using as a shopping bag to place other bags of product into it at the register or farmers market.
  • As an everyday out and about bag, beach or pool bag.


Kids Mini String Bags are great for:

  • A wonderful gift bag to give a present in.
  • The perfect library or kinder bag
  • Helping with the shopping and selecting their favorite fruits and vegetables