About Us


To help you shop and store your fresh produce in good conscious

We are an Australian company, committed to bringing you truly sustainable and eco-conscious products. From our organic certifications and standards, to our commitment to the growers and producers of our products, we hope to do better for the Earth.

We are all Keepers of the Earth, thus we hope that a purchase of one of our products contributes to the renewal of much-decimated soil and the reduction of plastic.

The Keeper is not only about produce bags, but it is also about creating a community of like-minded humans.

We thank you for supporting and joining The Keeper community. We wish you a wonderful journey with us, as we bring in new and exciting developments that help you fulfil your daily needs and care for Mother Earth.

Our best wishes,

The Keeper Earth <3




I have been a businessman for most of my working years. I had a profound experience while hiking in a forest in the Muir Woods National Monument. I arrived at the entrance of the forest depressed and totally exhausted. After 15 minutes of walking amongst the powerful trees and listening to the sounds of water running over sandstone rocks, my body was suddenly full of life, joy and clarity. This experience unravelled a love for nature and deep respect for its power. A new business was born, based on sustainability, fuelled by serving.

The Keeper is founded on replacing plastic bags with bags made from organic cotton fabrics. Having a background in textiles, I am educating people on how
to shop and store produce, using these eco-friendly fabrics that are practical and beautiful, and help restore the planet. All waste products go out to feed the neighbouring plantations.

I now have a fire in my belly to unite business and ecology. That business can be an instrument of change. And a passion to bring people out of the material world and connect them with nature.

I love hiking, writing poems, and actively helping an organisation in the field of healing on the spiritual path, through the teaching of Bruno Groening.