About Us



Meet the team of Keepers.

We like to do our product development with lots of tea and chocolate to keep the creative juices flowing. Hugh is holding his favorite product, our new Waxed Mushroom Bag, Lara is modelling our Eddie Tote and Kathryn has our Diamond Drawstring bag in Rock Salt Grey. 

The Keeper TeamHughLara


To help you shop and store your fresh produce in good conscious.

We are an Australian company, committed to bringing you truly sustainable and eco-conscious products. From our organic certifications and standards to our commitment to the growers and producers of our products, we hope to do better for the earth. 
We are all Keepers of the earth, and we hope that a purchase of one of our products is contributing to the renewal of much-decimated soil and the reduction of plastic.

The Keeper is not only about shopping bags, but we hope to create a community of the like-minded.
We thank you for supporting The Keeper brand, and we wish you a wonderful journey with us, as we bring in all the new developments that will surface to help us in our daily lives and mother earth.

Our best wishes,

Hugh, Kathryn and Lara