10 Easy Eco-Friendly Tips for The Office in 2022

10 Easy Eco-Friendly Tips for The Office in 2022

Looking for ways to help make your office more eco-friendly in 2022? It's not as difficult as it sounds! There are plenty of quick and easy ways for you and your co-workers to make your office more eco-friendly, and the best part is, you can start today!

Here are 10 easy eco-friendly tips for the office in 2022.

1. Power down at the end of the day

How often do we not switch off our desktop or laptop computers at the end of the day? Even the photocopier and appliances in the kitchen. They can all be switched off at the end of the day to save energy. This is one of the quickest and easiest changes you and your co-workers can implement.

2. Use recycled paper for printing

With how far technology has come, your office won't know that you've made the switch to recycled printing paper! Most of the big name brands now have recycled paper options, so the switch will be quick and easy. Bonus tip, print double sided! This can save up to 40% of paper waste.

3. Change up your commute

Carpooling, riding a bike, walking or getting public transport are all ways to be more eco-friendly on your commute to work. If your commute is too long to walk or ride, consider driving to the nearest train station or bus stop and getting transport the rest of the way. Even better, ask your boss if there's a work from home option! 

4. Get a Keep-Cup!

We all love to get our coffee on the way in to work, but most of the time they come in plastic or non-biodegradable cups. Get yourself a travel mug that you can take to work every day, you'll be responsible for saving hundreds of plastic cups a year! 

5. Lay off the heating

It's easier to warm up than it is to cool down, so if your office can't compromise on switching off the cooling during summer (understandable!), maybe they can switch off the cooling during winter. Encourage staff members to bring an extra layer of clothes or even have a hot water bottle on hand to keep warm at work.

6. Have hand dryers installed in the bathrooms 

The amount of paper towel wasted each year is enough to make your eyes water, so talk to your workplace about having energy saving hand dryers installed. There are plenty out there that are easy to install and plug into a standard power outlet. Such a simple solution to waste!

7. Introduce recycling programs

Hopefully your workplace already has a recycling bin, but if not, get one! Encourage all staff members to recycle their waste in the correct ways. Put up signs to help them understand how different items can be recycled properly and you'll have a greener office in no time!

8. Buy office supplies in bulk 

Sign up to a stationery supplier and have your office stationery delivered in bulk. This will save on packaging waste and time spent buying supplies in smaller lots. The business will also end up saving money by buying in bulk.

9. Create a fun monthly eco-friendly challenge

Introduce an element of healthy competition for employees! Some ideas are going plastic free for a month, seeing which staff member produces the least amount of paper waste or whoever saves the most water. Reward the winners with a small gift like an early finish on a Friday afternoon or a voucher for their favourite coffee shop.

10. Bring your own lunch to work!

Bringing your leftovers to work for lunch in a reusable container is much better for the environment than buying lunch with a bunch of plastic packaging. This is also a really good way to save money and use up leftovers too!


We hope these 10 tips have been helpful! 

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