A Blog Series on The Keeper Fabrics - Part 1 Diamond Weave

A Blog Series on The Keeper Fabrics - Part 1 Diamond Weave

We have a range of unique fabrics in The Keeper brand, this series of blog posts will help you choose which fabric is best for your shopping needs and hopefully inspire some new uses for any Keeper bags you already have.
For more succinct info see our 'How to Use' page on the website or contact us for a copy of our uses chart. 
We are all keepers of the earth. 

What's In A Name  

Our diamond weave material is a resurrection of ancient weaving practices and methods. The lightest 100% cotton weave in the world, the unique diamond weave of these bags has been named partially for the shape of the weave but also because they are a gem of a product.

Fun Fact: the loom we use to weave our Diamond fabric only produces 5 meters of it a day.

This is part of what makes it so premium, this is also why we prize it so much. What do we get from such an intricately slow weave you might ask? Unique flexibility. 



Our diamond weave bags come in some very special shapes. We have carry bags and also drawstring bags, enabling easy shopping and storage. The fabric stretches in both directions allowing plenty of room for your produce. So soft and gentle to handle. These perfect little bags fit in your tote or handbag.
Diamond bags replace single use plastic bag, paper and nylon and recycled PET bottles bags without adding micro-plastics to the environment. Science has proven that the properties in these bags are not only detrimental to the produce held in it, but also to humans and the earth.
Diamond Weave Bags are best for buying and storing
  • Loose leaf greens, lettuce, spinach, silver beat, green beans, any greens that wilt, for up to 10 days. See instructions below.
  • Soft seasonal fruit like peaches, plums, pears, tomatoes, avocados or delicate skinned fruits and vegetables - hang them up in the bag, store in the fridge or fruit bowl.
  • Mushrooms and light pricy per kilo items, because the bags are light. 
  • In the bulk food section for seeds, whole grains, nuts, legumes and also chocolate, dried fruit or other items. Royal or large white Quinoa will stay in the bag but not smaller grains like red quinoa or amaranth. Sunflower seeds are fine but sesame may leak out. Use a muslin bag for fine items. 
  • They are also great for any fruit and veggies you want to keep in the fridge or fruit bowl because the fabric is stretchy, enabling you to buy lots in a light weight bag. 


It's as simple as
1) Buy your leafy greens in the bag
2) Wash them in the bag
3) Drip dry or shake of excess moisture
4) Store in the fridge, in the damp bag
5) Enjoy a longer life out of your greens

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