A Blog Series on The Keeper Fabrics - Part 4 Cotton & Jute Blend

A Blog Series on The Keeper Fabrics - Part 4 Cotton & Jute Blend

We have a range of unique fabrics in The Keeper brand, this series of blog posts will help you choose which fabric is best for your shopping needs and hopefully inspire some new uses for any Keeper bags you already have.
For more succinct info see our 'How to Use' page on the website or contact us for a copy of our uses chart. 
We are all keepers of the earth. 

Strength and Shimmer

Our unique heavy weight natural jute fibre and organic cotton blend is strong, stable and has a lustrous appearance.


What is Jute?

Jute is a natural vegetable fibre from the bark of the white Jute plant, or Corchorus capsularis. Jute is easy to grow, harvest and weave and its fibres make a sturdy yet biodegradable fabric. 

In fact, jute is the second most versatile fabric after cotton, and the second most common fibre grown and used all across the world. But the best thing about jute is it uses less water than other fabrics during production, and the production of jute is more eco-friendly than any other fabric. Jute thrives on rainwater, and with enough water like in the monsoon regions of India, there's little need for fertiliser to help it along, nor does it need pesticides.

Jute is a gorgeous golden-brown colour, so it's sometimes called Golden Fibre. It is light, has a shimmery shine to it with a flexibility and durability unlike other fibres. 

By combining Jute and Organic Cotton grown in similar regions we create a traditional yet luxurious and strong natural weave that makes our tote bags so unique. 




Our Jute/Organic cotton tote bag has been well loved by those who have bought it. Perfect size, with 6 internal compartments made from our sturdy canvas weave. The pockets can house your olive oil, eggs, celery, and soft veggies such as tomatoes with full protection, plus plenty of room left in the remainder of the bag.

The unique combination of Jute and Organic Cotton gives the bag strength, stability and an appearance that is appealing to both men and women.  


Jute Tote Bags are best for buying and storing
  • Using as a shopping bag to place other bags of product into it at the register or farmers market
  • As an everyday out and about bag, beach or pool bag 
  • For all your shopping needs, the pockets make it easy to sort and store items at the shops. 
  • For a family or bulk shopper who likes to stock up and have a bag that can handle it, in style

Our Onion and Potato Bags also use our Jute & Cotton blend of canvas weave fabric for the base part of the bag. These bags are a combination of fabrics: Jute-Cotton, Muslin and Mesh. More on combining fabrics for best effect in our next post. 


We are also hoping to develop some new products utilising the strength and durability of our Jute-Cotton blend. The question has been how best to dye such a fabric. We think the solution might be in the yarn, to keep the shimmer of the jute we will try to dye the cotton yarn and leave the jute natural before weaving together into a sustainable and sensational fabric. 


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