A Currency of Love

A Currency of Love

Within 70 years of my life, I have experienced the incredible power and the effect money can have on one’s life. The power lies in your intention and focus.

To focus your energy on fear or love leads to outcomes of more fear, depression and greed or happiness, joy, success and being connected with the heart to others. Your chosen path becomes your stream of life and money.

From a very young age, I got caught up in very competitive behaviours. I had to have the best and most expensive toy or Christmas present amongst all my friends.

At the age of 7 years, competition became an obsession such as my footy teams winning, my state and country cricket team conquering all its opponents. With the newly introduced TV in Australia, I sat glued watching the horse race results. Soon I knew all the names of the horses, the trainers and jockeys. Overall, the competitive spirit ruled me.

Competitive behaviour leaked into the field of gambling, particularly horses, and then later every type of medium on offer. I was totally addicted for forty five years.

Also, I got caught up in high profile businesses in the fashion business. I went broke twice, rebuilt each time. Money flowed in and out without me having conscious awareness of actions, and it affected so many people. Nearly always in a negative way. This is the power of money.

At the age of 51, I became very sick. I faced death. This woke me up to a huge transformation. No longer could I carry on without taking responsibility for my health and actions. This brought about a complete turnaround in my attitude and intentions. Inwardly, I knew money could be used for the good, help people and to make connections with people all over the world. The world of technology has brought us all very close together.

In 2009, I became free of all addictions. So, I was free to put my ideas into action. Little did I know that it would be in the field of shopping bags that it would bear fruit. Now, money flows like the pristine creek, with percolating running water caressing the sandstones beneath. Aliveness.

Today, I am so grateful and joyful with money. I see it as not being mine, but that I am a custodian of this money. And that it is my responsibility to use it in service. I pay my invoices to my suppliers with gratitude that I have received products that can help people on many levels. My wholesale customers are so generous and pay me without me even having to ask them. Now it is my responsibility to take care of your money through your purchase. It is must flow on and continue its life by serving. To use your money to procure all the ingredients that our earth provides us with, to make our natural products.

I have several heartfelt wishes and intentions that money can serve with.

  1. To bring people from all over the world together through The Keeper line of products. This wish will unfold very soon as we in Australia build the model that we can share with many countries around the world. This will bring about exchanges in money. This will be done with the currency of love. Where everyone in this chain of money is taken care of and thought of. Only then can money work properly in the world. Then there will peace in the world.

  2. To demonstrate to the corporate world that money can be part of a successful business without the profit being the motivation. And without the spirit of competition, but with the spirit of cooperation.

  3. To give create business opportunities to young families so they can work from home and not have to put their children in childcare.

  4. To see my products on stalls at the local farmers markets. This is where they belong. From the freshly picked pure fruit and veggies, placed into natural bags and then taken home and stored properly. Now the final task of the foods takes place. To be eaten. The family is happy, because everything is in order.

  5. To bring back to people wonderful shopping experiences, which is a rare commodity these days.

Joy in life should be natural in everything we do. 

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