Different Ways to Use Your Keeper Bags

Different Ways to Use Your Keeper Bags

If you're an avid user of Keeper bags, you might already know that each bag has multiple different uses, both in and out of the kitchen. However, newer Keepers might not realise the extent to which our bags can come in handy. While our bags are technically made for the kitchen, there are countless other ways that you can put your Keeper bags to good use.


Here are a few different uses for our best sellers:


1. Totes and Satchels

  • For extra long shopping trips where you might need a bit more storage for the goodies you pick up along the way!
  • Picnics - Our totes are the perfect picnic bag, with plenty of compartments to keep different foods, sauces and drinks. The main compartment of the bag will fit your picnic rug and other essentials.
  • Nappy bags - With compartments for bottles, spare clothes, nappies, wipes, baby blankets and more, combined with the lightweight make of the bag makes this ideal for use as a nappy bag.
  • Beach bag - Pack all your beach essentials into the bag and keep them seperate so they don't get sandy!
  • Sports bag - Whether you're going to yoga or taking the kids to soccer, our totes and satchels are a great size for a change of clothes, a towel, yoga mats, drink bottles and more.
  • Overnight bag - Think of all the snacks you could pack into the compartments of our tote! We often use our totes for short stays as they fit our clothes and toiletries all together nice and neatly.


2. Waxed Bread Bags

Our waxed bread bags can be used to store anything from freshly made sourdoughs to frozen muffins, scones, veggie patties and fritters. Did you know our wax bags last for a couple of years? This includes use in and out of the freezer! This also makes them a great plastic free and reusable lunch bag for kids to take to school or adults to take to uni or work.


3. Garlic and Potato Bags / Mesh, String and Diamond Weave Carry Bags

Each of these bags has multiple uses, both in and out of the kitchen. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Makeup bags. Perfect for traveling or taking to and from work in your handbag, the garlic bag especially is a great size for your daily essentials like makeup brushes, lip balms and sunscreens.
  • Travel bags for packing suitcases. Each bag, given their durability, could easily be used to store cables, devices, laundry, important documents or cards and other things you need to keep safe while on the road.
  • The smaller bags are perfect for kids toys like marbles, balls, small figurines, cards and other collectables. An easy mess free solution to kids rooms!
  • Diamond weave and mesh carry bags can double as kids toy bags, library bags or even for swimming lessons or to take to grandma's with a change of clothes.

We hope this list has helped you think of some creative ways to use your Keeper bags. If you think of any other uses, or you already use your Keeper bags for different things, tag us on Social Media so we can share with our followers.

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