A Blog Series on The Keeper Fabrics - Part 2 String Weave

A Blog Series on The Keeper Fabrics - Part 2 String Weave

We have a range of unique fabrics in The Keeper brand, this series of blog posts will help you choose which fabric is best for your shopping needs and hopefully inspire some new uses for any Keeper bags you already have.
For more succinct info see our 'How to Use' page on the website or contact us for a copy of our uses chart. 
We are all keepers of the earth. 

A True Classic, The String Bag

The oldest form of bag is the string bag and it has root in many nations. 
First Nations peoples of Australia termed it a dillybag and it was generally woven from plant fibres. Dillybags are mainly designed and used to gather and transport food. Sound familiar?
In Edo Japan divers used a string bag to collect shellfish and in Russia string bags were know avoska, which translates as "perhaps-bag". The term originated in the 1930s in the context of post war shortages, when citizens could obtain basic foodstuff only by a stroke of luck; people used to carry an avoska in their pocket all the time in case opportunistic circumstances arose.
We certainly know the feeling of needing a 'perhaps-bag' on you for when you walk past the fruit shop and the pineapples just look too good to pass up, or theres a mad sale on avocados - or is it for that thoughtful gift you found for someone. 

Our range of string bags takes us back to the original shopping bag. So practical, beautiful and natural, its strength and flexibility enables it to hold up to 7 kgs of produce. It is so portable, it can fit in your glove box in the car or even your everyday bag or purse.


Our naturally dyed string bags bring elegance to the string bag. The coloured handle, naturally dyed, adds a quality to this bag, that cannot be felt using chemical dying. The short handle string bag is a great addition, as it is perfect for a smaller purchase, yet it can house large lightweight objects because of its stretch capacity. 

Our solid dyed string bags are for those seeking a naturally coloured beautiful piece. All chemical dyed string bags leak chemicals into your produce, however being naturally dyed, the colour has uniqueness that cannot be matched in chemical dying. 
String Bags are best for buying and storing
  • Bulky and heavy fruits and veggies like apples, oranges, potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potato or other root veggies
  • Using as a shopping bag to place other bags of product into it at the register or farmers market
  • As an everyday out and about bag, beach or pool bag 




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