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Our diamond weave material is a revolutionary weave of organic cotton. The lightest 100% cotton weave in the world, our diamond bags replace single use plastic or paper bags and also nylon or recycled PET bags on the market. The chemical properties of cheaply made plastic bags are not only detrimental to the fresh produce held in it, but also to your health and have a long term impact on the earth.

The Keepers unique diamond weave fabric stretches in both directions, allowing plenty of room for your produce and yet the fold or scrunch into a small size. These perfect little bags fit in your tote or handbag.

This set includes 7 diamond bags, allowing you to buy and then store many different types and sizes of fresh produce, as you can see in the pictures.

Plus we have added our newly developed organic cotton nut milk bag in the pack. Our nut milk bag has been thoroughly tested as one of the best on the market and is of course made from 100% Organic Cotton. 

This gift pack of diamond bags packaged in recycled cotton paper makes a wonderful gift.

GOTS Certified Organic - Packaging made from recycled cotton

Diamond Gift Pack Contains 8 bags:

  • 1 set of 4 Diamond drawstring bags

2x small (13 x 16cm)

1x medium (16 x 26cm)

1x large (26 x 36cm)

  • 1 set of 3 Diamond carry bags

3x standard size (30 x 50cm)

  • 1 nut-milk bag (25 x 30cm)

We are all keepers of the earth.

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      Aussie owned; great innovation

      I saw these advertised; liked them, but naaaaa as I try to buy Australian owned (and made, where possible). Well, to my great surprise, the company is Aussie (Melbourne), so I read more about their products. Sounded great, so I ordered the gift bag. It came quickly, and to my delight, they are great...light, versatile, and just what I wanted. Thanks "The Keeper'. I will be buying more.