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  • Waxed bread bag large - The Keeper
  • Waxed bread bag large - The Keeper
  • Waxed bread bag large - The Keeper
  • Waxed bread bag large - The Keeper
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The Keeper

Waxed Bread Bag

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The Keeper fully waxed bread bag is an absolute revolution in plastic free products. A labour of love and much development to get the formula absolutely perfect for multiple uses we are very proud of it. 

Tested to be as effective as a plastic bag for keeping your bread fresh, but in good conscious.

Made from all natural materials: organic cotton, organic beeswax, tree resin, organic coconut oil and plant based ink. 

Dyed with crushed seed and plant extracts made into a dye and screed printed onto the natural cotton before the waxing process. 

To use simply take along with you to the baker or store and pop your bread, rolls, croissants, pastries or other baked goods straight in. Fold the bag over to seal itself. You can store the bread in the bag on the counter top, in a bread bin, in the fridge or even the freezer. This bag will keep your bread fresh and make it last longer in the fridge.

It will become stiffer in the fridge or freezer but this will not affect its efficiency. 

To clean simply dust out the crumbs before next use. Can be rinsed out with cold water or with tepid (slightly warm) but hot water will melt the wax. A little natural detergent and cold water can be used for greasy stains. Make sure to air dry open after washing, before next use. 


1 x Waxed Bread Bag: 29 x 36 x 11cm


More Info on Different Weaves

We have three main weaves in the Keeper range of produce bags plus our unique Jute-Cotton weave and some other specialty weaves.

For more information on our different weaves see our info page.

Diamond Weave: Diamond is our signature style of organic cotton weave and unique to The Keeper. Lighter than mesh or muslin yet stretchy and strong, just like you after a few serious yoga sessions! 

Mesh Weave: Mesh is a traditional weave for produce bags. The large, loose weave allows visability and lots of air flow.

Muslin Weave: Another traditional weave, muslin is one of the oldest weaves. This tight, dense weave is perfect for root veggies or bulk foods.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This is the best bread bag to keep your bread fresh. I love that is large enough for any loaf and it is exceptional quality.
It is much better and better value than any other on the market.
In addition to this, the customer service is excellent.

Hello Zeida.
Thank you so much for reviewing our bread bag.
It took a long time to come up with this bag.
So simple it is, and it works. Because it is heavily waxed, I put my bag in the fridge, which gives me 2 weeks to eat 1 loaf of my favourite bread. With a larger purchase, I put the bag in the freezer.

Richard Couch

A wonderfully innovative idea and the best I have had for keeping bread fresh for longer! Previously, I have tried ‘bread bins’, keeping it in a fridge etc. the former results in it going stale quickly, the latter cold and stale. This bag is just perfect and takes no additional space (unlike said bin). Very happy, thank you!

Thanks so much Richard, we took a long time and a lot of love and thought to create the perfect bread storage. We found pure cotton just dried it out and well you know the rest. Did you know you can use our bread bags as a freezer bag to store berries, bread of course, and other frozen baked goods. Just fill and fold over and use in place of a zip lock bag.

Danielle De Bon
Love it!

A friend had a similar bag but it was a little small. I liked the idea so did some research and found The Keeper site and products. My first order of a Bread bag came and I was impressed - fit my large Sourdough loaf, came with organic/recyclable packaging and a lovely handwritten note thanking me for my purchase. Using it was a treat - kept the bread fresh longer - both in and out of the fridge! … and I loved the beeswax smell. I bought a few for gifts at Christmas - and have since had mine kept by a friend when we went to visit and she LOVED it. Thanks so much to all your team here and O/S - for all your wonderful products and your commitment to all things good!.

So glad you like our new Bread Bag, we put a lot of effort into developing this and our other waxed products.

Wishing you peace, wonder and joy,
The Keeper Team

Emi Joannes
Impressive technology

For someone like me who loves the scent of beeswax, this bread bag is a savior! Sometimes the bread is too big that it is difficult to wrap in beeswax wrap, but this bag can hold the whole sourdough bread that I buy from the bread shop. I had never seen a product that was made into a bag with beeswax.